Soul Clearing/Healing


Negative energetic cords form between people who have caused fear, pain, and anger. These energetic cords can be carried over lifetimes and drain your energy for this current life’s fulfilment. Cord-cutting can be helpful when you have ended a relationship but still feel connected on some level that is not positive. Positive cords of love will always remain connected to souls who are linked.

Soul Clearing/Healing

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Soul Clearing can occur through hypnosis, regression, energetic, or shamanic healing. The healer gains an overall picture of the patterns/old contracts/agreements/blockages/cords that keep the person from moving forward in this life.

Over lifetimes, it is believed that we as souls accumulate experiences, lessons, learnings, contracts, agreements, curses, cords and spiritual gifts we have developed through each lifetime. Sometimes old energetic patterns, agreements, contracts, wounds and fears are brought forward into this lifetime to work through. Some of these are no longer needed or valuable, and a soul healing session may provide a healing/clearing of all that is no longer required at this moment in time, hindering you from fulfilling your soul’s current life journey and purpose.

Benefits of Soul Clearing/ Healing:

  • Dissolve old contracts and agreements from previous lifetimes, still affecting this lifetime
  • Dissolve negative cords draining your energy
  • Remove earthbound or entity attachments
  • Remove unseen curses & blockages
  • Rebalance energy between current lifetime relationship breakups
  • Rebalance soul energy needed in this lifetime
  • Release fears
  • Bring forth new insights into current life lessons
  • Bring forth new spiritual energy

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