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Hypno-Psychotherapy uses both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy tools, unlike a trained hypnotherapist who uses hypnotherapy tools. Hypno-psychotherapy allows one to explore deeper-rooted and more complex issues in a safer and contained way to aid healing, integration, and access to wounded or traumatised experiences in a much safer and holistic way, without the client being re-traumatised.


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Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to treat and relieve many different medical and psychological symptoms. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy concentrate on the ‘solution’ of the client’s issues without much emphasis or understanding of how the problem was created.

Hypnosis is a natural state of altered awareness, which varies from light to deep states of relaxation. It is an effective way of making contact with the unconscious mind. The mental processes which can occur in any of these states of consciousness are generally potentially far more powerful in effecting change than those we can achieve in most everyday states of active conscious awareness. At this level, we can tap into a vast source of many of our problems and forgotten potential, strengths, knowledge, and resources.

Hypnotherapy has been known to help people to:

  • Access a safe, nurturing space you can tap into at any time
  • Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating on all levels
  • Uncovers underlying causes related to mental, emotional and physical illnesses
  • Restores balance between body and mind
  • Bi passes your minds limitations and old resistances
  • It helps recognise, understand, release and heal old limiting habits, behaviours and beliefs at a deep unconscious level.
  • Increases a more profound sense of self-awareness
  • Creates new healthy behavioural patterns and thoughts at a deeper unconscious level, leading to long-term and consistent change
  • Uncovers solutions to unresolved issues
  • Allows for healing & integration of past unresolved emotional wounds
  • Reconnects to your inner wisdom, truth, resources, knowledge and strengths
  • Gain access to your spiritual side.

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