Inner Child Healing Therapy


Inner child work has been shown during the last few years to benefit several areas in treating people who have suffered childhood trauma, including childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. This is especially true of those who used one form of disassociation or another to cope with the trauma.

Inner Child Healing Therapy

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“Inner Child” has been widely used in psychotherapy and some spiritual practices. More popular with abused children or any forms of neglect, lack of love support etc. Inner child work is a powerful tool that frees and releases hidden agenda areas that perpetuate lifelong unhappiness if not dealt with.

Within us is an Inner Child, the accumulation of all our learning and experiences before puberty. The Inner Child is the emotional self – where our feelings are. The Inner Child not only holds unresolved emotions such as sadness, hurts, pain, traumas, neglect, and abandonment, to name a few but also holds joy, spontaneity, fun, insight, delight, aliveness and connection to one true self/divine source, Forming a long-lasting healthy relationship to your Inner Child is an empowering way forward towards living a more authentic, blissful and meaningful life.

If the adult has had a healthy and normal childhood, the Child within is a delightful, spontaneous, mischievous and sparkling part of our personality. The Child within is secondary to the adult personality and controlled by the adult will.

If, however, there has been trauma during childhood, the spontaneous part of us becomes “damaged”. When triggered by a situation resembling the past, the Child within will override the adult will and act out, leading to the Child within throwing tantrums and behaving unreasonably or inappropriately in adult situations.

Inner Child Healing Therapy has been known to help people:

  • Feel safer
  • Learn to trust oneself
  • Learn to love oneself
  • Recover from childhood hurts, abuse, trauma and pains
  • Recover from neglect and abandonment
  • Recover from loneliness and isolation
  • Recover from depression and related illness
  • Recover from physical illness and ailments
  • Recover from PSTD, panic attacks, anxiety-related disorders
  • Recover from self-harming patterns
  • Overcome and heal from unexplained overloaded emotional outbursts or responses
  • Overcome anger-related issues
  • Free emotional entanglements and negative patterns
  • Take responsibility for your own wellbeing and let go of blame
  • Let go of the inner critic
  • Reparent
  • Give your inner child what they needed as a child
  • Gain emotional health independence
  • Build healthier relationships with oneself and others
  • Regain meaning and joy in one’s self
  • Regain a sense of self-worth, meaning and fulfilment
  • Ignite one’s true self, true hearts desires and integrity
  • So much more.

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