Ancestral Healing / Transgenerational Healing


Trauma and unresolved emotional and psychological experiences that previous family members have not resolved are passed down the genetic line to each generation until resolution is obtained. Any trauma that results in the “splitting” off of an aspect of oneself will attract the reoccurrence of the trauma until the part can return to the whole for healing and integration. Ultimately our whole experience is a return to wholeness. Unresolved emotional and psychological trauma creates an energetic entanglement for each generation, creating negative emotions, behaviours and experiences, which are extremely difficult to resolve as these patterns were not born from the next generations’ experience.

Ancestral/transgenerational healing


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Ancestral Healing, also known as Transgenerational Healing or Family Constellation work, is a multi-dimensional healing process simultaneously over distance, space, time and dimensions. It is a process of revealing and releasing inherited wounds, traumas and negative patterns passed down through the bloodline from our Ancestors. These patterns can be both positive and negative. It is a process that enables individuals to untangle themselves from negative generational influences and dysfunction.

  • Gain clarity & understanding of the whole entanglement of family patterns and influences affecting your life
  • Detangle oneself from these patterns and influences
  • Free yourself and heal these energetic patterns once and for all
  • Create space for ancestral family members to gain healing and understanding too
  • Create your path in life free of influences
  • Heal eight generations of ancestral patterns going back and eight generations going forward.
  • Gain a deeper level of appreciation for your ancestors
  • It can bring about deep resolution and healing to complicated grief, losses and traumatic events such as losing a family member through suicide.
  • Gain spiritual truths, blessings and insights from Ancestors/deceased loved ones.


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3 hrs (1/2 day), 5.5 hrs (full day)


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