Psychotherapy And Counselling


Psychotherapy is a therapeutic method that allows deep issues to be addressed, healed and integrated. It is an interactive process that enables the client to uncover the root causes of patterns, thus providing new solutions to aid healing and integration, creating a new coping method.

 Psychotherapy And Counselling

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Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, is a way to help people who are troubled by emotional difficulties or mental health problems. Psychotherapy can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, grief, and stress management. It can be used to address more serious conditions such as eating disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders, trauma-related issues and PTSD.

Psychotherapy is a process that requires time and commitment to achieve desired results. It is most successful when the person seeking help is motivated and engaged in the process. The therapist and the person in therapy work together as a team to identify and change troubling patterns of thought and behaviour.

Psychotherapy has been known to help people:

  • Effectively treats the emotional issue
  • Promotes mental health, functioning and well-being
  • Gain a better understanding of self, drives, motivations, patterns, behaviours and influences affecting one’s life
  • Build meaningful relationships with self and others
  • Healing and integration of deep wounds from the past
  • Solutions to unresolved issues
  • Increased positive outlook, joy and contentment
  • Increased self-belief, confidence and self-worth
  • Become more whole
  • Reduced sense of isolation
  • Sharing problems with someone neutral and objective allows the space to work through the root causes.
  • Transform negative behaviours
  • Reconnect to positive aspects of yourself
  • Reassess life, goals, strengths
  • Find your solutions through exploration, encouragement and talking through options.
  • It helps to address the root cause of issues, enabling healing, integration and resolution at the core.
  • Long-term and consistent life changes
  • Self-empowerment

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